About UFF

Welcome to the United Faculty of Florida (UFF)! We are a vibrant and growing union with a dynamic history that represents over 25,000 faculty members at all twelve Florida public universities, sixteen state and community colleges, four k-12 lab schools, and at the private institution Saint Leo University. UFF is also the voice of 8000 graduate assistants at four universities, and with “at-large” membership status for individual faculty at non-union colleges, any higher education faculty member in Florida can join our ranks.  Since 2016, we have added six new chapters, and we are currently organizing additional new chapters across the state. If you are interested in starting a chapter of UFF on your local campus, please contact us. We’d love to help you and your colleagues in your fight for better working conditions!

At UFF, our goal is to make the Florida higher education system the best in the world by empowering our members to enact change on their local campuses. We represent members in all higher education issues – academic freedom, bargaining for quality salaries and benefits, and lobbying to advance, protect, and strengthen the university and college systems.

We invite you to make a difference by becoming an active union member. You can attend local chapter meetings, volunteer to serve in a leadership position, build ties between your local and community groups, or take part in statewide union actions. Together, we all make this union stronger. Members elect officers and Senators from your chapter to represent your views locally and at statewide UFF Senate meetings. Local volunteer leaders negotiate your Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs), which protect and enforce fair working conditions concerning compensation and benefits, annual assignments, employment contracts, intellectual property rights, workplace safety, and more

At the state level, UFF lobbies the Florida Legislature on behalf of our members concerning important issues like keeping guns off of college campuses, budget reform, sensible performance funding, transparency in public meetings, higher education reforms, and opposing anti-union and anti-faculty issues. Each year, UFF shows up in Tallahassee to represent you and your concerns regarding higher education in Florida. We also fight bad legislation in the court of law and of public opinion by defending the constitutional rights of our members.

A union is only a strong as its members and leaders, and at the United Faculty of Florida, we believe we have the best of both. There is strength in numbers, and together, we can make Florida’s higher education system better than ever.  Become part of the movement. Join us today, and whatever happens, just remember—

Stay strong. Stay united. Stay UFF.

In Solidarity,

UFF President

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