United Faculty of Florida is organizing its largest Get Out the Vote effort in its History. We believe in supporting pro-public education, pro-public employee candidates up and down the ballot. Pro-Education leadership in our state would have an immediate impact on all campuses across Florida, with a change in the Board of Governors and appointed Board of Trustees of our colleges and universities.

Prioritizing pro-education candidates in all down ballot races will aid in changing the face of the Florida Legislature, which has dealt some hard hits to our education system in FL, both higher ed and K-12.

We are launching a targeted 2-pronged approach to ensuring education is a priority in the state of Florida beyond the 2022 election cycle.

First, every chapter will reach out to their own membership to correct any registration issues they may have, and to encourage voter maintenance and registration among membership. 

Second, UFF will empower our members to focus on student voter registration and outreach through individual toolkits and meetings with UFF Service Unit Director Adela Ghadimi to activate a full-press strategy to engage on-campus students and community partners ahead of the midterm elections.

Our goal is to increase UFF voter turnout and voter engagement among faculty, staff, and students in the 2022 midterm election on all our campuses and within our communities. Our vision to achieve this goal includes every chapter ensuring that all eligible voters of UFF actively participate in the midterm election by registering themselves to vote, committing to a voting plan to ensure they cast a ballot before the deadline to do so, and actively encouraging students and their personal and professional networks to register to vote and turn out to the polls continuously until the election.

At minimum, every chapter will commit to: including a link in their email signature for folks to check their registration status and register to vote, and making continuous announcements to students in class and via online course sites (Canvas/Blackboard). Additional plans will be encouraged and supported at chapters across the state as they continue forward through the phases leading up to the November election.

Why should UFF members get involved?

Faculty and graduate employees are the gatekeepers on campus! Our members can implement and influence policy on campus and are seen as a trusted resource with institutional knowledge.

With just the slightest of input from faculty and GAs to direct students where to register to vote, reminders of dates and deadlines, announcements in class and in online class modules, members can really help move the needle of voter engagement in this pivotal election.

With newly elected leadership in the state of Florida, bargaining on all campuses becomes a much smoother process with new Boards of Trustees, a new Board of Governors, and a Legislature. Our members can work to proactively support higher education, rather than constantly being on the defense and battling to protect our basic rights. Tenure remains intact, academic freedom is protected, and we protect our democracy on and off campuses throughout Florida. Additionally, UFF members have the ear of administrators who can create web resources and spaces on campus to further encourage involvement by students, staff, and faculty in the election in a non-partisan, but pro-higher education way. We can make a difference!  

What is our overarching statewide approach?

With UFF staff support, chapters will focus on Voter Registration and Voter Retention of faculty and GAs and students, with faculty and GAs messaging to students on campus.

Local chapters will increase their involvement in local Central Labor Councils to interview and endorse pro-education candidates across the state, as well as, to organize statewide panels and discussions to empower our members.

We will build meaningful community partnerships across the state and share in wins across our chapters while also building and sharing a core set of best practices.

A Special Election Newsletter for members of UFF – UFF 2022 Voters’ Guide

UFF General Election Guidance

In support of the #UFFVotes Statewide Get out the Vote (GOTV) campaign, here is a guide you can share with your leaders and members so that everyone feels comfortable and confident supporting GOTV across our state!


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