Know Your Rights

Called to a meeting with your supervisor? If you’re a union member



CONTACT: United Faculty of Florida immediately for assistance.
(Phone: 850-224-8220 or [email protected])

HB 7 Guidance

UFF is pleased to provide classroom guidance for all of UFF’s members regarding the implementation of Florida’s horrendous HB 7, otherwise known as the “Stop WOKE Act”. Please know that if you, as a UFF member, experience any discipline, harm, or other adverse action from your supervisor or institution in response to your attempts to navigate the prohibitions in HB 7, you should immediately contact your local union leaders for support. You should also encourage your colleagues to join UFF, as the collective power enforced by a strong local Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is the best defense any faculty member can have against the overreaching, totalitarian authority represented in this law.


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