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Dear UFF Family,

UFF’s political focus is on the main source of our funding: the Florida Legislature. As the voice for Higher Education in the state, we work to ensure our members’ concerns are heard and addressed, so we engage in two types of non-partisan political work: elections and lobbying.

While much of the focus has been on the presidential election, the 2020 election is critical for electing friends of Higher Ed to the Florida Legislature. To that end, we have already been at work.  In the August primaries, UFF Political Action Committee (UFF-PAC) contributed to some of our endorsed candidates for the Florida Legislature around the state, and we are very excited that we helped retain some of our long-time friends and elected some new allies. In fact, 13 of our 14 endorsed candidates were elected in the Primary Election or moved on to the General Election in November.

UFF-PAC contributions are made ONLY to state and (rarely) local candidates. They have been interviewed and proven themselves to be supportive of our issues.

UFF-PAC contributions do not go to candidates in federal elections.

Looking forward to November and beyond, UFF has established a new online process for contributing to the UFF-PAC. MEMBERS ONLY may now contribute in a variety of ways. SPECIAL NOTE: Do not send or forward this message to any college or university email address!

Also, you may have your contribution made as a payroll deduction, but ONLY if you are a member of one of these chapters: FAU, FIU, FSU, UCF, UNF, USF, UWF, UF, FGCU, HCC.

If you prefer to pay by check, you may make it out to UFF-PAC and send it to the office:


115 N Calhoun Street Suite 6
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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