UFF is conducting a special election for the statewide office of UFF First Vice President in accordance with UFF Bylaws Article IV. Duties and Election of Officers, Section 3, which states: “In the event of a vacancy in the office of first vice-president, a successor will be nominated and elected by the Steering Committee among Bargaining Council vice-presidents. The Senate will then confirm or elect the successor at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The person elected will serve for the period remaining in the existing term.”

The special election process will take place via mail-in ballot and held in accordance with the required rules, laws, and standards.  The candidate elected by the UFF Senate body will officially hold the position of UFF First Vice President until the current term ends on June 30th, 2025. 

Ballots will be mailed to your home address of record with the UFF state office.  On Wednesday 24 April at 12:30PM ET,  the UFF Elections Committee, along with member volunteers from the Tallahassee area chapters, will convene at the UFF office in Tallahassee to count ballots.  UFF members will be notified thereafter via email of the newly elected UFF First Vice President.

On behalf of your 2024 Elections and Credentials Committee,

Co-Chair Debby Hicks (UFF-Retired)

Co-Chair Jonathan Fink (UFF-University of West Florida)

Elizabeth Key-Raimer (Faculty United Service Association/UFF-Hillsborough Community College)

Eugene Matthews (UFF-Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University)

UFF First Vice President Candidates & Statements

Robert Cassanello, UFF-University of Central Florida

“I have been president of my chapter for 4 years, once reelected. We are in an existential fight as our state government is actively trying to eliminate academic freedom and return us to pre-union conditions as at-will workers. Anti-union politicians in Tallahassee want to create a new social contract to keep us voiceless, unorganized and disengaged. The brave teachers in 1968 who went on strike fought hard in the face of termination for the right for us to collectively bargain our workplace.

I am committed to preserving those rights and protecting those rights. I am committed to a UFF that will work to organize all of our chapters to expand those rights and protect those rights. We must have a presence on the ground, at every chapter, in every bargaining session and in every grievance.

We must have a UFF that is committed to building workers’ power in higher education in Florida. A commitment to fight legislation that infringes on our academic freedom not only in the courts but across our campuses, a commitment to worker protections such as arbitration, tenure and due process, a commitment to win at the bargaining table financial compensation for all that is fair. ”

-UFF First Vice President Candidate Robert Cassanello, UCF Chapter President

Richard Louis, UFF-Broward College

Dear UFF Union Brothers & Sisters:

My name is Richard Louis, and I am humble & proud to announce my candidacy for the position of UFF First Vice President.

I am passionately committed to working together with all you in solidarity to unapologetically advocate for the rights and interests of all our members. If elected to serve the membership, I promise to:

Actively seek input from every member of our union to ensure that your concerns, ideas, and needs are heard and addressed effectively.

Work tirelessly to foster a sense of unity and solidarity among our members.

Be an unapologetic advocate for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions for all members.

Promote transparency in union operations and ensure that decisions are made democratically and in the best interests of our members.

Provide members with the resources, support, and education they need to be informed and active participants in our union.

Thank you for considering me for the position of UFF First Vice President. I look forward to everyday earning your trust and working alongside you to continue the sustainment of our strong, effective, and inclusive union.

-UFF First Vice President Candidate Richard Louis, UFF-Broward


2024-2025 Chapter Elections Reports due April 15, 2024

The UFF office must receive the following two items to certify your election results:

1 – The “2024-2025 UFF Chapter Election Report”

2 – The “UFF Landrum-Griffin Checklist” must be filled out, signed and returned.

All chapter officers are elected annually unless your adopted chapter bylaws explicitly provide for a different length of office. The new officers shall be elected by April 15, 2024, and shall take office by September 1 of each year, unless your chapter bylaws specify a different date. 

Please be sure to verify membership for all nominees. If you need a list of members in good standing for your chapter, please contact the UFF office.

Chapter elections must comply with UFF rules and those of our affiliates, as well as the Landrum Griffin Act.  Here are some facts and information you may find helpful:

  • Senate and Delegate allocations are determined by the official January 15, 2024, membership figures reported to and verified by the national affiliates.
  • Each chapter gets at least two Senate seats, regardless of its membership total (one seat for the Chapter President and at least one seat for a Senator).
  • The ratio of UFF Senators to members is one Senator per 25 members (or major portion thereof).
  • Your Chapter President automatically takes one Senate seat allocated to your chapter.
  • Your chapter should elect one Alternate Senator for each Senate seat allotted when practicable.
  • The ratio of FEA Delegates to members is one FEA Delegate per 50 members.
  • Your chapter should elect one Alternate FEA Delegate for each FEA Delegate seat allotted when practicable.
  •  Please refer to the UFF Constitution & Bylaws for more information.
  • All elected FEA Delegates and Alternate FEA Delegates must be submitted by June 1, 2024 to be considered for attendance to the FEA Delegate Assembly held in October 2024 (Orlando, FL).

Please COMPLETE the election report and checklist to report and certify your election results and return to UFF by April 15, 2024 via E-mail or mail to UFF, 115 N. Calhoun Street, Suite 6, Tallahassee, FL 32301. If you have questions regarding election procedures or other related matters, contact [email protected] or phone at 850-224-8220. 

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