2021 United Faculty of Florida Election Final Report

Committee Members:

Martin Balinsky, TCC, Chair

Debby Hicks, LSSC

Krystal Williams, FAMU-GAU




6, all due to not signing back of envelope


Andrew Gothard, FAU (elected)

Karen Morian, FSCJ

No candidate selected 4

Write in: Steve Permuth, USF

FEA GOVERNANCE BOARD (Top two are elected)

Jaffar Ali Shahul Hameed, FGCU      (elected)

Angela Thornton, FAMU          (elected)

Steve Permuth, USF  

Teresa Hodge, BC     


Caitlin Gille, PHSC (sole candidate — elected by acclamation)

UFF’s National Education Association Representatives to 2021 and 2022 Assembly

Elected by acclamation due to nomination prior to deadline:

Martin Balinsky, TCC                          Theresa Lewis, HCC

Jaffar Ali Shahul Hameed, FGCU      Meredith Mountford, FAU

Michael Buchler, FSU                         Yovanna Pineda, UCF

John Harding, SLU                             Jennifer Proffitt, FSU

Debby Hicks, LSSC                            Webb Skelton, FSCJ

Teresa Hodge, BC                              Rose Skepple, FSU

Elizabeth Key-Raimer , HCC              Yvette Stennett, FAMU

Matthew Lata, FSU

Elected by write-in:

Andrew Gothard, FAU            Karen Morian, FSCJ

Daniel Cronrath, FSCJ           Frank Pyrtle, USF      

Angela Thornton, FAMU       Mikayla Beaudrie, FSCJ

James Lansing, BC                Robert Heppler,BC    

Susan Reilly, FSCJ                Eugene Matthews, FAMU

Jordan Scott, FSU-GAU        Talat Rahman, UCF

All other write-ins received 2 votes or less

UFF/FEA delegate to the American Federation of Teachers

Elected by acclamation due to nomination prior to deadline:

Deandre Poole, FAU

Elected by write-in:

Steve Permuth, USF,

Catherine Leisek, BC,

Gregory McColm, USF

All other write-ins received 3 votes or less

UFF’S American Federation of Teachers delegates to 2022 convention

Elected by acclamation due to nomination prior to deadline:

Martin Balinsky, TCC                          Theresa Lewis, HCC

Michael Buchler, FSU                         Steve Permuth, USF

Jaffar Ali Shahul Hameed, FGCU      Jennifer Proffitt, FSU 

John Harding, SLU                             Matthew Lata, FSU                

Debby Hicks, LSSC                            Rose Skepple, FSU

Teresa Hodge, BC                              Webb Skelton, FSCJ

Elizabeth Key-Raimer, HCC              Angela Thornton, FAMU       

Yvette Stennett, FAMU

Elected by write-in:

Catherine Leisek, BC             James Lansing, BC

Andrew Gothard, FAU            Eugene Matthews, FAMU

Jordan Scott, FSU-GAU         Gregory McColm, USF

Daniel Cronrath, FSCJ           Susan Reilly, FSCJ   

Yovanna Pineda, UCF          

All other write-ins received 3 votes or less

Final report submitted April 6th, 2021

* *

UFF Statewide Presidential Candidates

Andrew Gothard, Florida Atlantic University

Since 2010, I have worked as a GA, an adjunct, and as full-time faculty at a community college and state and private universities. As current NTT faculty at FAU, I know the anxiety of year-to-year contract employment. Because of these experiences, I see all of UFF’s chapters as equals, and I understand firsthand the daily working conditions of our members.

From my experience serving as the Statewide UFF Membership Committee chair, I will bring a member-first focus to the UFF Presidency, where I, as a servant leader, work for you—the leaders and members of your chapters. True collective action starts from the bottom, not the top, whether we’re talking about membership growth, contract enforcement, or collective bargaining.

I believe that a grassroots model of member organizing and leader engagement is the path to UFF’s future, and through my commitment to radical transparency in leadership decisions, where all voices are heard equally and all decisions are made in public view, we can be uphold and grow within that model.

Overall, a vote for me is a vote for us. I can’t strengthen our union alone, but through powerful collective action we can make UFF stronger than ever.

Karen Morian, Florida State College of Jacksonville

When I was hired full-time at FSCJ, I immediately joined UFF and was soon elected as a senator. After completing the NEA ‘s Emerging Leadership Academy, I was elected chapter president. I participated in bargaining two CBAs.

I was then elected VP of the CBC and joined the Steering Committee. I have served as president for three years now and have accomplished some of my goals. Among these are developing the statewide committees. I also hoped to engage our members more in the necessary legislative work, and improve our communications.

COVID has slowed down some of this and required other work. For instance, I formed and coordinated the Higher Ed Reopening Task Force, oversaw its report. I established statewide leadership meetings in order that local chapter leadership might benefit from each other’s information and support. I believe that has been a success and has made our union stronger.

I feel that we have become better organized, more engaged, and stronger as the representative voice of higher education in Florida. And yet I feel there is still more that I would like to accomplish. It is for that reason that I ask you to elect me to one more two-year term.

UFF representatives to FEA Governance Board

Jaffar Ali Shahul-Hameed, Florida Gulf Coast University

I’m Jaffar Ali Shahul-Hameed, running again for FEA Governance Board. In this current climate, it is essential now, more than ever, to have more robust advocacy of our rights and interests, and we need to build stronger allies.

I currently serve as the UFF (State) First Vice President and FEA Governance member. I serve and served UFF and UFF-FGCU in many leadership positions (Diversity Chair, Bylaws-Revision Chair, etc.) I also chaired/co-chaired many academic/professional committees/conferences and founded few initiatives (Coding Academy, ASPiRE, etc.) more at www.jaffar.org  and email [email protected]

As an FEA Governance Board member for the past two years, I worked with FEA, NEA, and AFT in

1. Advocating/Voicing our concerns strongly to make Higher Education issues one of the higher priorities for FEA.

2.Helping to build political capital by bringing more allies (teachers/students/parents/other-constituents) and have a say in policies that affect our everyday lives, including covid19 reopening, zombie bills such as guns-on-campus, union-busting, and other seemingly-good but essentially circumventive-punitive-measures/policies among many others.

3.Working towards building stronger partnerships with local K-12 teacher unions in advancing higher-ed interests. 

4.Making FEA more influential in promoting higher-ed interests.

I will continue to do that with your help that if I am elected. 

Steve Permuth, University of South Florida

Steve Permuth is a tenured, full professor of Educational Leadership at the University of South Florida and a former member of the Governance Board. He has served and/or currently serves as a member of the UFF/USF for some 20 years as a member of the Collective Bargaining ,Grievance, Membership, Budget, Recruitment Committees, etc. and the Executive Committee among other responsibilities .He has also serves the USF Faculty Senate as former Vice-President and sits on this Executive Committee as well. He has had administrative experience ranging from a high school teacher of mathematics,, principal, Dean of three Colleges of Education and Provost of a University and brings those experiences to the table on all bargaining issues for the faculty.

Specialty teaching and research activities are in the areas of educational law and policy, contracts, administration at the Master’s and Doctoral level with scholarship including some ten(10) texts as editor/author and over sixty(60) juried articles, the majority focused on educational law and policy. Further questions are welcome at my office at 813-977-4993.

Angela Thornton, Florida A&M University

I, Angela M. Thornton, want to represent you by serving on the FEA Governance Board to continue to be a voice for Higher Education. As it continues to be concerns at all levels about education and the safety for both students and faculty, I want to work with the board to continue to advocate for the rights of everyone and to ensure that the education in Florida is one of the best.

I consider myself a good team leader, listener, critical thinker, detailed-oriented and a voice for those who may not want to speak up.

I have been teaching for over 20 years at Florida A&M University and have been an active member in the FAMU UFF for over 10 years. I have served as Secretary, Senator and a College/School Representative for Recruitment. In addition, I have served as NEA Delegate, FEA Delegate and AFT Delegate. I participated in NEA’s Emerging Leaders Academy as well as I was chosen by my colleagues in my class to be the Ambassador for the next class. Currently, I am a Senator.

When you cast your vote, I humbly ask that you consider me and check Angela M. Thornton for FEA Governance Board.

United Faculty of Florida will hold biennial elections Spring 2021 for statewide positions. 

United Faculty of Florida Members

Please email the UFF Elections committee at [email protected] to nominate individuals for the following positions:

  • UFF Statewide President
  • UFF First Vice President
  • FEA Governance Board Members (UFF has two slots)
  • UFF Delegates and UFF FEA Statewide Delegates to the 2021 and 2022 National Education Association Representative Assembly (Feel free to nominate one or multiple)
  • UFF Delegates to the 2022 American Federation of Teachers National Convention (Feel free to nominate one or multiple)  



The UFF Elections Committee


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