Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: UFF Supports Academic Freedom.. Without Authoritarian Control

We stand with, support and defend Florida’s universities and colleges in their efforts to support DEI initiatives and programs, not just because those programs are vital to ensuring broad access to higher education. Real defense of viewpoint diversity means defending the rights of everyone, regardless of their political or ideological beliefs, to live, work, teach and thrive in Florida’s higher education system.

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PRESS RELEASE: UFF and Anna Eskamani Stand in Solidarity with the People of Iran

The United Faculty of Florida (UFF) and Florida House Rep. Anna Eskamani stand in solidarity with the people of Iran bravely protesting regime brutality and demanding change. At UFF, we believe all people, including members of the higher education community abroad, deserve the universal rights of freedom of expression, identity, and the ability to engage in thoughtful discourse without fear of harassment, intimidation and violence.

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PRESS RELEASE: UFF Demands Names of the UF President Finalist Candidates

The United Faculty of Florida (UFF) questions the legality of nominating U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse as the sole candidate for University of Florida (UF) president. In mid-October, Florida state Sen. Jeff Brandes — who co-sponsored the bill that took Florida’s university and college presidential searches out of the sunshine — stated that UF’s recent search resulting only in Sen. Sasse violated the spirit of the law (source link). At UFF, we believe that it violates the letter of the law as well.

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