Press Release

Candi Churchill Named New Executive Director of UFF

UFF proudly announces that Candi Churchill will assume the executive director position in Dec. 28, 2020. Ms. Churchill has served as a field staff since 2002 and has significant experiences in all aspects of higher education union work from labor relations to political and collective action.

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UFF’s political focus is on the main source of our funding: the Florida Legislature. As the voice for Higher Education in the state, we work to ensure our members’ concerns are heard and addressed, so we engage in two types of non-partisan political work: elections and lobbying.

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The officers of the United Faculty of Florida will be joined by fellow members and Florida Education Association Vice President Andrew Spar on Monday, July 27th at 2:00 P.M. EDT to announce the union’s call for transition of all Florida’s institutions of Higher Education to remote learning. As UFF President Karen Morian states,

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