Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: Attack on Higher Ed Excellence (HB 7044)

If Gov. DeSantis and Florida’s legislative leaders demonstrated anything during today’s press conference, it is that they fundamentally do not understand how Florida’s higher education system
works. Tenure protects the right of faculty to teach and research honestly and accurately without the
threat of politicians who would fire them for doing their jobs, and it protects the rights of students to
learn about whatever interests them without being told by big government how to live their lives.

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PRESS RELEASE: Motion To Dismiss HB 233 Lawsuit Denied

Earlier today, Judge Mark E. Walker of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida denied the state’s motion to dismiss UFF’s lawsuit. UFF continues to call for all members of the higher education community to boycott this
survey in order to protect fundamental freedoms on Florida’s university and college campuses as our lawsuit continues through the federal court system.

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Immediately After News Conference, UF President Kent Fuchs asks to rescind denial

Shortly after our news conference, UF President Kent Fuchs stated “I have also asked UF’s Conflicts of Interest Office to reverse the decisions on recent requests by UF employees to serve as expert witnesses in litigation in which the state of Florida is a party and to approve the requests regardless of personal compensation, assuming the activity is on their own time without using university resources.”

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