UFF-State College of Florida support “Embracing Our Differences”

SCF Faculty Union Executive Committee Statement on College Actions Regarding “Embracing Our Differences” Campus Exhibit

The Executive Committee of the United Faculty of Florida-State College of Florida (UFF-SCF) chapter is concerned by the actions of the SCF administration that resulted in the cancellation of the scheduled “Embracing Our Differences” art exhibit on its campus.

The students of SCF and the SCF Collegiate School have lost a valuable opportunity to view this acclaimed international exhibit on their own campus and grow from the discussion it would have engendered. Residents of Manatee County have lost the chance to view the art closer to home.

The SCF administration requested the removal of three works due to the appearance of the words “diversity,” “inclusion,” “justice,” and “equality.” A College spokesperson said that the works “may have been found offensive and not embraced.” The rejected art is viewable on the EOD website: “Body & Voice” “Good Trouble” “Being Different Gives the World Color.” Embracing Our Differences (EOD) refused to censor their exhibit, and as a result, SCF will no longer be a venue.

UFF-SCF Exhibit Statement


Author: Shenel

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