Member Benefits

Educators spend their own money on materials, classroom decorations and supplies. To help you save money, Florida Education Association (FEA), our parent organization, and our national affiliates — AFT and NEA — have partnered with merchants you know and trust to provide discounts year-round.

These programs are a part of our commitment to helping our members live the American Dream — by providing members solutions that improve their lives, allowing them to focus on supporting their students.

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The benefits you get as part of your local union membership (Not a member? Join today!):

  • The FEA/Access card delivers savings of up to 50% off at more than 350,000 premier shops, restaurants, hotels, retailers and more – across the country and even right in your own neighborhood!
  • MyDeals is the FEA/Access mobile app (Google Play and Apple App Store) and gives you show-your-phone discounts at 250,000 places.
  • AFT+, the American Federation of Teachers benefit program, offers financial, insurance and travel discounts and member services.
  • Many of AFT’s member benefits can be accessed via the Union Plus app (Google Play and Apple App Store).
  • NEA Member Benefits also offers members-only insurance programs, financial services and discounts designed to meet your ever-changing needs.
  • NEA Educators Employment Liability Program provides members with protection from personal financial liability stemming from employment-related lawsuits. NEA supports state “hold harmless” legislation which requires that the employer pay for your defense or related damages in case you are sued. However, since this is not law in Florida—and because the liability potential can be so serious for individuals—NEA provides all UFF members with professional liability insurance through the NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Program.
  • UFF members have access to two different referral programs for legal assistance for non-employment related matters: the NEA Attorney Referral Program, and the AFL-CIO’s Union Plus Legal Program. Both programs screen and pre-select attorneys throughout the state to consult and/or provide select services to UFF members at a substantial discount. Details regarding instructions for each Legal Referral Program for members can be found HERE.
    • Contact your UFF-LRS for questions or comments about any of the legal services programs available to UFF chapters and members. Please also feel free to contact the UFF office by phone at 850-224-8220, or by e-mail at [email protected].

In addition to our state and national benefit programs, UFF/FEA members benefit from our ongoing relationship with a team of partners:

  • NTA Life provides supplemental health and life insurance products and services to educators.
  • Creative Benefits for Educators is owned by the locals of UFF/FEA and was created to make it easy for teachers and school employees to find the best insurance, retirement and financial programs available.

Retired Members

Retired membership is a statewide network that allows members to stay connected with fellow National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers,  Florida Education Association and United Faculty of Florida members and programs. FEA/UFF-Retired members work to improve and strengthen the programs that affect retired educators: the Florida Retirement System, health benefits, public education, and Medicare and Social Security.

FEA/UFF Retired members maintain their involvement in public education through:


In addition to staying active in the movement to protect public education, FEA/UFF members enjoy a variety of member benefits including:


NEA is offering a new Mental Health Program for members. Sanvello an evidence-based app created by clinical experts that allows you to access on-demand help for stress, anxiety, and depression. Sanvello uses clinically validated techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that are designed to work together to help you learn how to feel happier. The Sanvello app includes daily mood tracking, coping tools, meditations, and progress assessments.

NEA members are eligible for the following special offer:

  • Sanvello free version of the App is available for anyone 13+ at no cost
  • Free access to Sanvello Premium for 30 days for Members and spouses/domestic partners. Premium subscribers have access to additional journeys and tools.
  • 25% discount off Sanvello Premium subscriptions following the 30 days as a direct-to-consumer subscriber (discount rate of $6.75 per month or $40.49 per year). (Available to individuals age 18+).
  • 10% discount off the Sanvello Premium + Coaching subscription for Members who pay as a direct-to-consumer subscriber on Sanvello Coaching (discount rate of $45.00 per month or $315.00 per year). (Available to individuals age 18+.).

To enroll online and download the app follow these steps:

  • Sign into your NEA Member Benefits account at
  • Under the “Benefits” tab at the top, select the “New! Mental Health & Wellness” option
  • Click on the “Get Started” button
  • Register on the Sanvello website
  • Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and login using the account you created on the Sanvello website.

If you need assistance with signing into your NEA Member Benefits account, please call 1-800-637-4636 or send an email to [email protected]. Once you are signed into your NEA Member Benefits account you may also explore all the resources and benefits available to you as a NEA member which cover several topics such as banking and lending, investing and retirement, insurance, savings on everyday purchases, home and auto, and travel.

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