Membership Policy

Thank you for being a member of the United Faculty of Florida!

In response to the requirements of SB 256 (passed in the 2023 Florida Legislative Session) and the establishment of the UFF/FEA Central Membership System (eDues) for tracking and maintaining statewide union members and member dues payments, UFF adopts the following statewide Membership Policy, effective Friday, October 20th, 2023.

Ensuring Accurate Data

It is the sole responsibility of each member to monitor the accuracy of their dues payments to UFF. Each member is responsible for promptly reporting to UFF any changes in their bargaining unit status, employment status, or any other factors that affect their dues payments. During October of each year, local chapter leadership will submit to the UFF Office updated bargaining unit lists and salary data from their home institutions, which will be used to ensure that UFF’s membership lists, member dues amounts, membership density calculations, and other necessary metrics remain accurate.

Joining UFF

To join UFF, prospective members must sign up through their associated chapter’s direct membership portal on the “Join UFF” page of the UFF website. Members who do not wish to pay union dues through the eDues system may complete UFF’s Personal Check Membership Form. For security and other logistical reasons, members are strongly encouraged to join and pay dues through the eDues system.

Deadline for Existing Members to Remain in Good Standing after the end of Payroll Dues Deductions
UFF members in good standing prior to July 1, 2023, who have not completed one of the following options will have their membership terminated as of October 20th, 2023:

  • joined the eDues system for dues payments.
  • submitted check payment for union dues.
  • notified the UFF office of a leave (paid, unpaid, FMLA, sabbatical) and updated their dues payment status and/or timeline accordingly.

Local chapter presidents and membership chairs will be provided with lists of these cancelled members after this date. For the purposes of grievances, arbitration, or other chapter representation, if a member in good standing as of July 1, 2023, has not completed options a, b, or c above before October 20th, 2023, UFF will recognize their membership status at the time of the inciting incident. However, in order to receive any further representation from UFF, the member must immediately sign up for eDues or pay membership dues by check. As of October 20th, 2023, membership status and requests for representation will return to normal procedure.

Members On Leave

UFF members who go on employment leave of any kind (e.g., paid, unpaid, extended sick leave, FMLA, sabbatical)should notify the UFF office as soon as possible to (a) update their salary if their salary has changed during leave or (b) to place their membership on a leave hold.

Members Who Exit the Bargaining Unit

UFF members who leave their bargaining unit due to promotion, transfer, retirement, or any other action that would result in their no longer being eligible for union membership under their Collective Bargaining Agreement are responsible for notifying the UFF office of this change in their membership status. Members no longer in the bargaining unit may have the option of supporting UFF by joining UFF-Retired or as an “At-Large” member. Both of these options can be found on the “Join UFF” page of the UFF website.

Until the UFF Office receives written notice of a member’s status change or a completed “UFF Resignation Notice” form UFF will continue to process the member’s dues payments as initially agreed upon when joining UFF.

Resigning Membership from UFF

To resign their UFF membership, members must submit a completed “UFF Resignation Notice” form to the UFF office. This form acknowledges that once the “resignation is effective, [member] will not be eligible for UFF representation in any disciplinary action, criminal matter related to employment, legal representation or grievance or any benefits of my local chapter, UFF, FEA, AFT, NEA or AFL-CIO membership.” Dues payments will cease as soon as possible but no later than 30 days from receipt of the completed form. The UFF office shall notify the chapter president and membership chair of all resignations, and cancellations will be noted in CMS.

Termination of Membership Due to Payment Delinquency

Members whose dues payments are delinquent without cause for two consecutive pay periods will have their membership terminated at the end of 30 calendar days beginning at the first missed payment. Delinquent members will receive written notices through email for both the first and second missed dues payments. Local presidents and membership chairs will be copied on these notices, in order that local chapter leaders may follow-up with these members.

Resolving Incorrect Dues Payment Disputes

If a member notices any error in eDues payments, they should contact the UFF office to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The issue will be investigated by UFF staff, and disputed cases will be referred to the UFF President and First Vice-President. If the error is reported within 3 business days, payment can be reversed to the member; otherwise, the erroneous amount can be credited to a future dues payment. If a member requests a refund, they must fill out an ACH direct deposit form and provide it to the UFF Office. At the time of this policy, refunds from FEA Finance are processed within 3-4 weeks.

In order to address an ongoing series of incorrect charges and/or incorrect charges for groups of members, resolution must be sought through the following UFF governance process:

Requests to address incorrect dues deductions for an extended period and/or for groups of members must be submitted in writing to the UFF Steering Committee through the UFF President, including all available evidence regarding— 

  • Documentation of the amount and timeline that the incorrect dues were paid.
  • The names and contact information of the impacted member(s).
  • Documentation of circumstances that could have caused the incorrect dues (change in bargaining unit status, incorrectly entering salary information, etc.).  
  • Any other supporting materials that the chapter or individual(s) involved wishes to provide that will clarify the case in question.

The Steering Committee will decide by majority vote on (1) whether dues will be reimbursed by UFF statewide resources, and (2) the monetary amount that will be reimbursed in the given case.  The chapter or individual(s) may appeal the Steering Committee’s decision to the UFF Senate, which will have final say on the matter by majority vote. 

Local leaders may direct all questions about this process to the UFF President.


eDues payment corrections can only be resolved during the fiscal year in which they occurred. The UFF fiscal year extends from Sept 1 – August 31.

For the purposes of this policy, submission to the UFF Office can be sent:

via email to [email protected] (preferred)

OR via postal service to UFF at 115 N Calhoun Street, Suite 6, Tallahassee FL 32301.

Member or chapter inquires can be made:

via telephone to 850-224-8220 AND/OR via email to [email protected]

via postal service to UFF at 115 N Calhoun Street, Suite 6, Tallahassee FL 32301.

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