Chapter Election Reports DUE!

TO:             UFF Chapter Presidents, Nominations & Elections Committee Chairs

FROM:        Candi Churchill, UFF Executive Director
DATE:         January 19, 2023

RE:              2023-2024 Chapter Elections Reports due April 15, 2023

UFF Chapter Presidents and Nominations & Elections Committee Chairs,

This will be the second year of our new reporting system for your Chapter Election process. There are two forms that we must receive at the UFF office to certify your election results:

  1. The “UFF Landrum-Griffin Checklist” must be filled out, signed and returned. This will also be useful for your statewide Officers and Staff team to assess training needs for the future.
  2. The “2023-2024 UFF Chapter Election Report” spreadsheet must be filled out or the data pasted in. Please note that there are multiple tabs at the bottom of this spreadsheet:
  • The yellow/orange Tab (1–2023 Chapter Positions) is for reporting the personal contact info and number of votes for each position. Please indicate if a position is VACANT, but feel free to hide or delete positions you do not have. If a person occupies more than one position (a committee chair and a Senator, for example), put their name twice but their contact info once.
  • The blue Tab (2–Elec Comm Report) is for the person certifying the results (your Nominations and Elections Chair, office manager, or an observer).
  • Tab 1 and Tab 2 must be filled out completely in order for us to accept the results and update UFF Senator and FEA Delegate counts. The other tabs are informational.
  • The official January 2023 membership numbers have been verified, and your chapter’s UFF Senator and FEA Delegate allotment is shown on the spreadsheet Tab 3—Allotment.

All chapter officers are elected annually unless your adopted chapter bylaws explicitly provide for a different length of office. The new officers shall be elected by April 15, 2023, and shall take office by September 1 of each year, unless your chapter bylaws specify a different date.

Please be sure to verify membership for all nominees. If you need a list of members in good standing for your chapter, please contact the UFF office.

Chapter elections must comply with UFF rules and those of our affiliates, as well as the Landrum Griffin Act.  Here are some facts and information you may find helpful:

  • Senate and Delegate allocations are determined by the official January 15, 2023, membership figures reported to and verified by the national affiliates.
  • Each chapter gets at least two Senate seats, regardless of its membership total (one for the President and one for a Senator).
  • The ratio of UFF Senators to members is one Senator per 25 members (or major portion thereof).
  • Your Chapter President automatically takes one Senate seat allocated to your chapter.
  • Your chapter should elect one Alternate Senator for each Senate seat allotted when practicable.
  • The ratio of FEA Delegates to members is one FEA Delegate per 50 members.
  • Your chapter should elect one Alternate FEA Delegate for each FEA Delegate seat allotted when practicable.
  • All elected FEA Delegates and Alternate FEA Delegates must be submitted by June 1, 2023 to be considered for attendance to the FEA Delegate Assembly held in October 2023 (location TBD).

Please use the provided spreadsheet and checklist to report and certify your election results and return to UFF by April 15, 2023.


Apr 15 2023


All Day

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 15 2023
  • Time: All Day