HB 7: What UFF Members Need To Know About The “Stop WOKE Act”

UFF is pleased to provide Classroom Guidance for all of UFF’s members regarding the implementation of Florida’s horrendous HB 7, otherwise known as the “Stop WOKE Act”. Please know that if you, as a UFF member, experience any discipline, harm, or other adverse action from your supervisor or institution in response to your attempts to navigate the prohibitions in HB 7, you should immediately contact your local union leaders for support. You should also encourage your colleagues to join UFF, as the collective power enforced by a strong local Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is the best defense any faculty member can have against the overreaching, totalitarian authority represented in this law.

UFF supports honesty in education, accurate teaching of American history, and clear, thoughtful analyses of our country’s governmental and social institutions for biases toward any group, all to build the public good in Florida and beyond. We will defend any member who is harmed for trying to teach the truth and to give their students the best education possible under the difficult circumstances imposed by this law.

Just this week, your UFF leaders have attended the NEA Representative Assembly, where U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to educators from around the country about the ongoing fights for public education and the public good. In her words, “Do not throw up your hands when it is time to roll up our sleeves.” UFF is rolling up our sleeves, and we ask you, the local members who give our union strength and power, to do the same.

UFF Member Classroom Guidance – HB 7


Author: Shenel

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