Petition to Recognize the Faculty Union at Saint Leo University NOW!

SLU Press Conference Video

Please sign the petition to restore the faculty union at St. Leo University:

Few things to reflect:

  • UFF at St. Leo University has been in existence for almost forty years and, with a single vote and without any notice, the Board unilaterally erased their contractual guarantees won in the past.
  • There was no deliberation with the Faculty Union, or Faculty Senate and, in fact, was a Friday afternoon surprise (Oct. 22nd).
  • To have made this momentous decision with no faculty consultation and in the middle of a pandemic makes it clear faculty voices are not important to the administration, or to the Board of Trustees.
  • DEMAND: Recognize UFF-SLU as the collective bargaining agent for full-time faculty and restore all rights granted to them as outlined in the existing Collective Bargaining Agreement immediately.

Media Coverage:

Catholic College Expels Faculty Union, Citing NLRB Decision

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