PRESS RELEASE: Multi-State Faculty Survey Shows Harm to Florida Higher Education

An extensive survey conducted by faculty organizations in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina has revealed that faculty leaving those states are unwilling to come to Florida. The survey, which received responses from more than 4,250 individuals, highlights the significant impact of political interference and changes to tenure on faculty morale and retention.

Key findings from the survey indicate that more than 65 percent of respondents would not recommend their state as a desirable place to work for colleagues, while just over 30 percent are actively considering interviewing elsewhere in the coming year. About 20 percent have interviewed in other states since 2021. North Carolina emerged as one of the top states where faculty members sought alternative employment opportunities, after California, New York, and

There is no question that Florida’s future depends on a strong and flourishing higher education system. These results illustrate how Gov. DeSantis and his supporters’ policies are continuing to harm our state’s colleges and universities. In response, UFF will continue to advocate for the rights of all faculty to live, work, and teach free from political intimidation and censorship. Furthermore, we call on the Florida Legislature, the Florida Board of Governors, and the Florida Board of Education to make clear and concrete efforts to resolve these issues before the damage to our state’s future is irreversible.

Multi-State Faculty Survey Shows Harm to Florida Higher Education


Author: Shenel

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