PRESS RELEASE: UFF Tells Chancellor Rodrigues: Back Off or Resign

The United Faculty of Florida calls upon Board of Governors Chancellor Rodrigues to step back and allow the search process at Florida Atlantic University to continue unhindered or to immediately resign from his position.

It is clear from his letter requesting a pause in FAU’s presidential search that Chancellor Rodrigues is grasping at any meager, partisan straw he can find in order to gin up false cause to undermine a search process that—up until now—has been both fair and collaborative, drawing three highly qualified candidates. By relying upon “anonymous” reporting as reason to insert himself in this search process, the Chancellor shows that he is unable to separate his political affiliations from his solemn duty to serve the needs of Florida’s university system. Where was this interest in Sunshine Laws when the hiring of Ben Sasse at the University of Florida was called into question and the university refused to provide access to the exact documents the Chancellor is requesting now? Where was the Chancellor’s letter of inquiry when the Board of Trustees at New College had clearly held conversations off the record about hiring Richard Corcoran at a dramatically inflated salary? Based on his patterns of silence and complicity, it is clear that the Chancellor only barks when the Governor yanks his chain, not when laws are actually being violated. In short, Florida’s university system deserves better than this partisan sham of leadership.

Should FAU be required to document and disclose the information the Chancellor requests, UFF looks forward to seeing the same documentation requested and released from the recent searches at the University of Florida, New College, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Florida International University.


Author: Shenel

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