Refuse to be Silenced! Watch UFF, ACLU & NAACP navigate the details of HB 7 (August 3rd)!

The United Faculty of Florida hosted a joint virtual event on academic freedom and HB 7 in conjunction with the ACLU and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. Titled “Working and Learning under State Censorship: Academic Excellence & Academic Freedom in Florida’s Colleges and Universities,” this event was moderated by UFF President Andrew Gothard, and was open to all of Florida’s higher education faculty and graduate employees, whether they are UFF members or otherwise. During this live, virtual event, attendees learned about free speech and academic freedom rights on campus, the details of HB 7 (Florida’s “Stop Truth” Act), as well as how faculty can navigate complex classroom discussions in light of this new law.

You can also watch the recorded livestream on our UFF Facebook page

Share with your colleagues, and encourage them to come see what they can do to resist the authoritarian policies created by Governor DeSantis and his supporters in the Florida Legislature.

Author: Shenel

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