The Advocate | UFF leads fight for intellectual freedom

Florida Education Association | The Advocate (Online Publication) November 11, 2021

The United Faculty of Florida, FEA’s higher education affiliate, has stepped forward over the past year to fight what has become a multi-pronged series of assaults on academic freedom and free speech at Florida’s public colleges and universities.

“Academic freedom and free speech allow students and scholars to challenge ideas and use our discoveries and expertise for the public good without fear of reprisal,” United Faculty of Florida (UFF) President Andrew Gothard said at a November 2021 news conference. “These are, in fact, the very reasons UFF was initially founded back in 1968, and I am proud to continue that tradition of defending the civil and constitutional liberties of the higher education community, and of all Floridians.”

UFF has been at the forefront of battles against the University of Florida’s attempts to silence its own professors, and against a new state law that threatens to set loose speech police in Florida’s higher education classrooms.

Bad law seeks to choke free speech

House Bill (HB) 233, passed by the Florida Legislature during the 2021 session and subsequently signed into law, was deemed by its sponsors as the “Viewpoint Diversity” law but in fact is designed to track ideas and target speech that the politicians in power don’t like…

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Author: Shenel

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