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UF faculty, staff and students to ‘Speak Out’ at ‘Faces of the Pandemic’ news conference

Link to Livestream Recording: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=1558896754309767&ref=watch_permalink 


Our Demands

Instructional faculty and staff should be scheduled for vaccination immediately. 

Courses that can be taught online should be allowed to remain online until a majority of faculty, staff, and students are vaccinated. Teaching faculty and student-facing staff should be prioritized for vaccination, as has been done for public school instructors and staff in other states.

Allow faculty to teach in the modes that work best for their own courses. 

Instructors can make more informed choices on the best modalities in their discipline than administrators, and their expertise should be respected.

Expand accommodations based on known predisposing factors. 

Accommodations should be based not on disability but on factors related to negative outcomes from Covid-19, such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and advanced age. Consideration should also be given to applicants whose spouses or dependents have such predisposing factors. 

Use the safety app for safety, and the evaluation and grievance systems for instructional concerns. 

We have established, vetted systems for reporting student concerns with teaching; it is inappropriate to bypass these procedures with an anonymous, unilateral, and unvetted “snitch” function, designed to affect neither safety nor quality.

Restore the proper role of faculty in shared governance, per the UF constitution. 

Decisions regarding instructional modes must be made jointly with faculty, and rationale for administrative directives must be transparent and provided in writing. The spring f2f mandate was neither, and is a violation of trust between administrators and faculty/staff.

Author: Shenel

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