United Faculty of Florida Calls for Ignoring State-mandated “Ideological Viewpoint” Survey

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: UFF advises their members ignore the unconstitutional survey in its statement to their more than 8500 members. Quotes from UFF leaders follow the statement.



“At UFF, we fight for the rights of all Floridians, not merely those who agree with the political party in power. We believe that every American has the right to think, feel, and believe as they see fit. Living in Florida, under the influence of Governor DeSantis, does not abridge that right. This survey is an attack on the fundamental rights of all Floridians, and it has no place in a state or society that claims to be free. The protections of the US Constitution are too important to cast aside for political expediency. We urge all Floridians to join us in our fight against authoritarianism in all its forms: Boycott this survey. It has no place in our democracy.” – UFF President Andrew Gothard

“This viewpoint survey endangers our students’ freedom to critically think and express themselves; it also endangers the University’s long-term sustainability and makes it virtually impossible to be a college professor today.” – UFF-FAMU Chapter President Roscoe Hightower

“The state will frame any data collected from this survey, regardless of what it shows, as evidence that our profession indoctrinates students. I see no reason, then, for our faculty to willingly provide information for that purpose when the entire instrument was designed to hurt higher education in the first place.” –UFF-FGCU President Patrick Niner

“This survey was designed by legislators keen to politicize and demagog for personal political gain.” –UFF-UCF President Robert Cassanello  

“As a third-generation US military veteran, I am disturbed at this latest example of creeping authoritarianism.” –UFF-UF President Paul Ortiz

“We don’t need or want a return to the dark days of McCarthyism and the Johns Committee in Florida. Academic freedom, freedom of speech, and exposure to diverse perspectives in the classroom are core values for our campus community. Faculty do not welcome the interference of an explicitly partisan survey that infringes on our privacy and civil liberties.” –UFF-UNF President Nicholas de Villiers

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Author: UFF Admin

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